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Sunday School

Starting November 26 and running through March 31, each Sunday school class will be directly following Pastor Bryant's sermon series. Sunday school will act as a time of processing, discussing, applying, and praying through what Pastor Bryant teaches during his sermon. 

November 26-December 31: Pastor Bryant will be preaching through a series, "The Characters of Christmas," so Sunday school will be focused on how we relate to each character of the Christmas story and what we can learn and apply from their response to the coming of Jesus. 
Lecture Class- This class, led by a rotating speaker each week, works through various curriculum books. There is discussion throughout, but it is primarily ran through a lesson prepared by the teacher that week. This class meets in Strayer Hall. 
Video Class- This class meets and is led by a video series or lesson that leads to further discussion based on personal takeaway. This class meets in the Prayer Room. 
Young Adult Class- This class is more free flowing discussion for the younger people in the church. This class is a mixture of discussion, lecture, and video series. 
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